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Fundraisers & Faithfulness

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It’s been about almost a month since our last adoption update, so we wanted to fill y’all in on how things are going. Over the past month, we’ve been focusing primarily on two things: home study and fundraising.

For our home study, we’ve finished all the required paperwork and have already met with our social worker a couple of times. We like her a lot, and we’re thankful that we get along well and trust her. We have our last meeting next week on the 15th, and then she should have the report completed the following week. And then we’ll be DONE with the home study! Yippee!

We’ve also held our first fundraisers. We’ve sold t-shirts, hosted a shopping fundraiser, and raffled some great prizes! We sold the shirts for 3 weeks and made $592! The shirts were shipped this week, so everyone will be receiving them soon if you haven’t already! We will probably do another 3-week shirt selling campaign in the coming months so you can buy them as Christmas presents! The shopping fundraiser was put on by my lovely mom. She had several of her friends who sell goods like Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Thirty-One Gifts, Premier Designs Jewelry, and more come to her house and had a shopping party! A percentage of the profits from each sale went towards our adoption, and we made $620! The raffle also pulled in another $270! So far, our fundraisers this last month alone have made $1482!

We’re so thankful for everyone who participated in the fundraisers, buying t-shirts, makeup, jewelry, and raffle tickets to help fund our adoption. We have also received many donations on our Pure Charity account and in person, and often times we are deeply humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude by the outpouring of love and generosity. Each donation is a blessing, and we are so thankful for every single one. As challenging (and annoying) as fundraising is, there is one really beautiful element to it, and that is observing our friends, our family, and our community stand up and give, not out of their excess, but giving sacrificially. We have received donations from couples who are adopting themselves, people who are currently out of work, missionaries with support-raised salaries, students in college, people having major health issues, and people who barely even know us but are passionate about this mission of adoption. That’s just a fraction of the stories of sacrifice we’ve gotten to observe. In just over 2 months, you awesome people have donated $5410! That’s incredible! We are so, so thankful to each of you for helping us to bring our Little One home.




So here is where things get interesting. We were originally planning to complete our home study in October and then submit our dossier (the big packet of paperwork that goes to Burundi) just after Blake’s 30th birthday on November 9th (because Burundi requires one parent to be 30). Well, we’ve been meeting all our timeline goals, and everything was on track for our original deadline. And then we looked at our fee schedule to know how much we’d be paying when we submit the dossier….and that’s where we realized a loophole in our plan. When we complete our home study and submit our dossier, we will owe our agencies over $12,000. Yeah you read that right. 12k. And that’s not including the $8,000 we’ve already paid.

Our goal for funding our adoption was primarily to rely on grants. Then we’d use our savings and also fundraisers to cover the rest. But here’s the thing, you can’t apply for grants until you’ve completed your home study. So if we complete our home study in the next couple weeks, we can then begin applying for grants. But there is no way we will have the $12,000 we need by Blake’s birthday on Nov. 9th. So, unfortunately our timeline is being pushed back a bit to give us some more time to raise money. However, we MUST submit our dossier by January 30th, or we will incur additional fees ($500 per month to be exact).

So here’s the lowdown: After our recent fundraisers and with what we can commit from our personal savings, we still have to raise $9,500 between now and January 30th. We will start applying for grants as soon as possible, and we’re hoping to have success with that. But some grants don’t give out money until specific times of the year, and some don’t respond to your application until weeks or months later. So the number of grants that are available to us in this short window of time are small. Meaning, we are going to have to rely on fundraising a lot more than we thought we were.

And I’ll be the first to say it: fundraising sucks. Blake and I have fundraised for 4 mission trips to Africa, our work with Best Family Rwanda, and of course my whole salary at World Orphans. We get it. You’re tired of being asked for money, and trust us, we’re tired of asking. Fundraising is exhausting. But, our experience with fundraising has also led us to continually marvel at the Lord’s faithfulness. Every need we’ve had, He has met it. Every dollar we were ever short, He made up for it. We rejoice that we serve a loving God who is ALWAYS faithful. We know that He has called us to this journey of adoption, and therefore we have no doubt that He will make a way for us to afford it.

We truly do not like asking people for money (especially when we’ve already asked SO MANY TIMES BEFORE). But God has always come through for us, and He’s done it with people like you who are willing to answer the call and give sacrificially. So we’re asking yet again. Will you help us bring our Little One home?

Please prayerfully consider making a tax-deductible donation to our Pure Charity account. To be honest, if you were thinking about donating but just haven’t yet or were waiting until later…this is the time to give. Later in the process, we’ll be able to utilize grants much more. But for now….we’re leaning on our community and trusting in God. Thank you so much for your support!


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