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Blessings Beyond Our Knowledge

by | May 23, 2014 | Haiti, Mission Trips, World Orphans | 0 comments

Today was our second day serving at Pastor Carlos’s church. We did a medical clinic, so I got to be a pharmacist again. And once again, it was another surprisingly easy day! The weather today was nice and overcast, and it wasn’t too hot. Plus we were in a building that was covered but open on the sides, so it was shady but allowed some air to flow. It was actually pretty comfortable! Pastor Carlos was always making sure we had everything we needed, even providing us with chairs to sit in and cold cokes to drink!

Once again we were able to serve every person there, and it was around 160 people! I really loved medical clinic days. Even though it’s very different than the time spent playing with kids, it was still an awesome experience that impacted the entire community. And since we are doing the clinic through the local church, it’s encouraging to know that the people in the community are being directed to the church for help, for care, and for love. It’s our prayer that even after the medicine runs out, these people will know that they are welcome in the church. They can bring their burdens there and be welcomed with open arms by a loving family of Christian brothers and sisters.

One thing I want to mention about this country and her people is their desire for spiritual growth. We went on several home visits in the area, and we always asked the family how we could pray for them. Standing there in their shack of a house, seeing their minimal possessions, and knowing this country offers very little means of attaining a job or wealth, you’d think they pray for THINGS. You’d think they’d ask for a better home, a job, clothes for their kids, or more money for food. But no. Every single family asked for the same thing: that their whole family would know the Lord and live a life pleasing to Him. Whoa. Talk about humbling. This country is desperate for the Spirit of God to move among them, and I am so glad they have spiritual leaders like Pastor Carlos and Pastor Daniel to guide them.

Some of our team with Pastor Carlos.

Some of our team with Pastor Carlos.

When we finished the clinic today, Pastor Carlos again graciously provided us with food. Then he thanked us for serving at his church. With tears brimming in his eyes, he told us how blessed he was by our team. He said that his heart was so full of joy watching us play with the kids. He said that there just are not even words to express the fullness of his heart and how thankful he is to us for leaving the comforts of home to visit his church and love on his people. He said we will never, ever understand the blessing we have been to this community. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times…This. Is. Why. We. Go. It’s so easy to wonder if it’s just better to send money rather than spend thousands on traveling there. Money is great and helpful, and it is a blessing in itself. But it cannot hug an abandoned child or encourage a single mother or share the Gospel with a family. We underestimate the value of human contact, especially within Christian fellowship, and the power that it holds.

Tomorrow is our relaxation day! We will be going to Ron’s house in the countryside. Ron is the INCREDIBLE World Orphans in-country director here in Haiti who does absolutely everything. I’m very excited about working with him in the future with World Orphans! It will be a new experience to get out of Port au Prince and see the more “natural” side of Haiti. So for tomorrow, please pray that we have a fun, relaxing day, and that we will be able to begin to reflect on our trip and how it will impact our lives from now on.