Getting to Know the Girls

Praise the Lord, we had a much better day today! Thank you all SO MUCH for lifting up our girls and our family over the last few days. We got off to a rough start, but today was a much needed improvement.

Last night, Mercy slept all through the night again! Score! Noella and I did not have such a restful night sleeping in quarantine (on the loveseat). She woke up right at once per hour all night long. She never actually cried. She just would wake up and look around panicked, like she didn’t know where she was or if we were still there. It usually took me about 15 minutes to soothe her back to sleep, so we slept in 45 minute intervals throughout the night.

We are praising God that Noella did not have any more vomiting or diarrhea last night or today! That means she’s currently on a sick-free streak of OVER 24 hours! Tomorrow we will start her slowly back on solid foods, so please pray that she continues to do well and keep solids down. Today, we just gave her a bit of juice to keep her hydrated throughout the day. She still had a fever when she woke up today and slept almost all morning. Her fever broke around midday and she finally started to show signs of energy in the afternoon. However, she’s still very weak and tires easily (probably from not having any food for 2 days and also being anemic). So we are praying for continued strength!

Mercy, unfortunately, has had a few more bouts of diarrhea today. However, that appears to be her only symptom and she is doing totally fine otherwise. Well, except for having some CRAZY SMELLY GAS! Like…we’re talkin’ grown man farts. This chick can clear a room with those toots. (Sidenote: I can’t wait until she’s old enough to read this and know her mom wasted no time in embarrassing her on the internet). We are SO thankful that she did not have to go through the vomiting and dehydration that Noella did. So thank the Lord for answered prayers!

Our day didn’t exactly go as planned. When the Central Authority heard that only one parent and child would be meeting him today because the other sister was sick, he said there was no need to have the meeting, insisting instead that we all just rest in the hotel room. We are very sad that we didn’t get to meet the guy who has been behind the scenes every step of our adoption to share in our rejoicing with him. However, it was so gracious of him to cancel our meeting for the sake of our family.

We also expected to meet with some biological family members of the girls today. However, due to the fuel shortage, they were unable to get a bus to the city during the day. Even though all the family members could not come, the girls’ oldest half-brother was able to get a bus into the city late tonight. So we will meet with him very briefly in the morning before going to the airport. We are really sad that we didn’t get to meet all of the girls’ family and spend more time with them. I am so moved by the fact that their half-brother spent all day trying to get a bus to ride 3 hours to meet his sisters, just to say goodbye for a few moments before having to travel back to his village. I hope our time with him tomorrow, though brief, will be a sweet and special time that we will tell the girls about when they’re older.

Even though we wish we could’ve met the Central Authority and the family members as planned, we truly had a special day of much-needed bonding after a couple of trial-by-fire days. In the morning, I just cuddled with Noella who was still fighting off her fever. Meanwhile, Blake had some 1 on 1 time with Mercy. She had really opened up with me yesterday, and I’m so glad she had the opportunity to open up to her daddy too. After a couple hours, she was giggling with him and started to talk a little more.

It was seeing her sister and daddy play together that stirred Noella from her fever slumber. She was jealous watching them play so she finally ventured out of my lap to join the fun. They had fun playing with their baby dolls and a couple other toys. But mostly they love what all toddlers love: to be chased, tickled, and tossed onto the bed, so we did a LOT of those 3 things. We also checked out the pool! They looked RIDICULOUSLY ADORABLE in their little swimsuits. They didn’t want to venture in, but enjoyed putting their feet in and splashing a little bit. Mercy definitely enjoyed it more than Noella, but it’s hard to tell if that’s Noella’s personality or just because she’s still feeling weak.

The girls are both showing some GREAT signs of attachment. We are holding some long eye contact, they’re latching on better with their legs when we pick them up, they no longer feel the need to chug their juice and have learned that it will always be there, they’re smiling, laughing, and talking more. Noella has definitely sought cuddling and comfort from us while she doesn’t feel well, and Mercy has learned to give kisses! But my favorite thing is…they even called me momma a couple times! As in, not just repeating it when I say it, but ACTUALLY calling me that. Be still my heart!

One unexpected thing is how little they seem to be attached to each other. All this time, we figured they would rely heavily on each other for support in this scary transition and just be super close because they’re twins. They are literally the only thing that has been constant in each other’s entire lives. However, they have pretty much completely ignored one another. It’s like they don’t even know the other one exists. The only time they’ve shown any knowledge of one another is when one points to a photo of her sister and says her name. But in real life, they haven’t even really looked at each other at all since we got them. I’m positive that their relationship will grow, but it’s definitely not what I expected.

Tomorrow, we have to wake up early to get to the airport and fly to Nairobi. Thankfully, it is only a 1.5 hour flight. We are hoping that this flight will be a “prep” for the big flight at the end of the week! When we get to Nairobi, we will just spend the rest of the day settling in to our hotel there.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for continued healing and strength for Noella, and that she is able to keep down solid foods tomorrow!

Please pray for Mercy’s diarrhea to go away and that she will not develop any more symptoms!

Please pray for our meeting with the girls’ half-brother tomorrow, that it will be a sweet time of saying goodbye and bringing closure.

Please pray for the girls in the airport and on the flight tomorrow. Pray they are calm and brave.

Please pray for safe, smooth travels, and for all our luggage to arrive

Please pray for continued bonding and attachment for all 4 of us!

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