We’ve Arrived!

Hey y’all! Thanks so much for praying us through our travel days! We did have a 2 hour delay leaving Ethiopia, but that was the only hiccup and it wasn’t a big deal. A 4 hour layover just turned into a 6. We got to Burundi safely. All bags arrived and we are now chilling in the hotel room. Praise the Lord for his travel mercies! Blake and I each slept maybe a couple hours total.

The hotel put us in a queen size bed and we asked to be moved to a king sized bed (since the 4 of us will be sleeping together). The room they moved us to has a massive patio and an incredible view of Lake Tanganyika. It’s quite the improvement over looking at the small building under construction for just a couple extra bucks.

We finally met Pierre today when he picked us up from the airport. We’ve heard so much about him from all the previous families! He is one very busy guy, as he serves as attorney, translator, guide, driver, and pretty much everything else for all the American families adopting in Burundi. We are looking forward to spending more time with him!

Tonight we’ll be settling into our hotel room, organizing our clothes, food, the girls’ toys, and such. Basically “nesting” for the few days we’ll spend here. We’re also making a list of questions to ask at the orphanage, because we know it will be overwhelming and difficult to remember in the moment!

Tomorrow morning (GOTCHA DAY!), Pierre has to take another family to the airport as they fly out to Kenya, and then he will come get us to take us to the orphanage. We will get there around noon (5 AM Central) and have a party for our girls to say goodby to their friends and caregivers and then come back to the hotel with the girls.

Here are our prayer requests for tonight and tomorrow:

Pray that Blake and I will get some sleep tonight!

Pray that God would prepare Mercy and Noella’s hearts for meeting us; that they would supernaturally know and understand that we are their mom and dad, we love them, and they are safe with us.

Pray for the 4 of us to begin bonding and attaching immediately; that they would receive our affection and rely on us to meet their needs.

Pray for Blake and I who will be experiencing some pretty BIG emotions tomorrow too! Pray for wisdom in knowing how to guide the girls through this transition.

Can’t wait to post tomorrow with pictures of our FAMILY OF FOUR and tell you how our time at the orphanage went! Thank you for your prayers!

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