Decrees, Visas, and Tickets – Oh My!

Well folks, it’s been nearly 2 years since we started the adoption process, and today, with joyful and grateful hearts, we can finally say that WE HAVE BOOKED OUR PLANE TICKETS TO BURUNDI!!

Much has happened since my last post, A Prayer for the Waiting. On April 7th, we FINALLY received our court decree. As I mentioned in the previous post, we were expecting to receive it around February 6th, so it was [maddeningly] two months late. Well, it turns out, that the delay was caused by an error in the court in Burundi. They only included one of the girls’ names instead of both. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal! We are adopting both of them, after all. So the court decree process basically had to be redone completely. But, when we got that decree on April 7th, it was a day of MUCH REJOICING!

That court decree makes it official that the girls are our daughters! They were each issued a new birth certificate that says “She is the daughter of Blake Allen (adoptive father) and Lindsay Allen (adoptive mother)” which of course just made our hearts leap when we read that. It’s a strange feeling knowing that we are legally the parents of two precious girls we’ve never met on the other side of the world. Now that it is “official” we can share photos of them with you!

So now, the only thing we are waiting on is our visas for Burundi. We had to wait until we got the court decree and a letter of invitation from the Burundian government in order to apply for the visas, and it will take a couple weeks to receive those.

With those visa applications submitted, we were ready to book our flights!!! Yesterday, we spent a great deal of time emailing/calling our travel agent at Adoption Airfare (which we HIGHLY recommend, by the way), and we worked out all the details of our flight itinerary. We will be leaving on May 15th, landing in Burundi on the 17th, and then meeting the girls on the 18th. WE. ARE. SO. EXCITED! So now we have less than one month to prepare to be PARENTS!

Once it gets closer to travel, I’ll post again with more details about what our time in country will look like and provide specific prayer requests. But for now, we just rejoice in how far the Lord has brought us, and how CLOSE we are to being a family of 4!

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