A Prayer for the Waiting

Hey Friends. In my last post, I wrote quite a bit about our timeline for completing the adoption. To recap: From the time we began the adoption process in June of 2015, we were thinking March of 2017 would be when we would travel to get the girls. Well, then there was a delay in receiving a document (the Article 5), and we thought that would mean we’d be postponed to travel in April or May. THEN, God did a miracle and our court date happened 2 months faster than expected, so late February/early March became the new projected timeline.

So…in case you haven’t noticed, March is almost over and we’re not traveling anytime soon, so I thought I’d fill you in on what’s been going on (or, more appropriately, what’s NOT been going on). We got word that our court date happened on January 4th, as scheduled. We were told that the next step would be receiving a court decree, which should take about 30 days. Welp…we’re still waiting on that court decree…51 days later. I’ll be honest…the last 21 days has been the hardest part of this whole adoption process. Prior to this stage, the waiting and the uncertainty didn’t bother us too much (praise the Lord). But now that we are SO CLOSE to the end, to meeting our girls, each day that goes by with them still sitting in the orphanage is breaking our hearts.

Even the room seems like it’s waiting for two little girls…

Once we finally receive the court decree, we will be about 1 month away from traveling, as the final stages involve getting our Burundi visas and receiving a Letter of Invitation from the Burundian government.

In the past 3 weeks of waiting, three other families have received their court decrees and are now preparing to travel. We are hopeful that means there is movement in the courts, and ours will come through soon. It also means we are now the last family (in our agency) waiting on a decree. It’s tough being last.

We KNOW that God is still in control. We KNOW that this adoption is occurring in HIS perfect timing, no matter what. We KNOW He has a plan and purpose for every day that goes by without hearing any news. But I confess that knowing God is sovereign and perfect has not meant that we’ve always trusted in His sovereignty or felt at peace with His timing. This experience has sanctified us, teaching us more about patience than we ever really cared to know, and driving us to our knees in prayer like we never have before. Perhaps that is His purpose in making us wait–refining us as a couple before we become parents.

So, while we wait, I thought I’d share what we’ve been praying for our girls and for our family, so that you could join us in prayer. And for all the other waiting mommas out there who are in the adoption process, and their friends and family, this is our prayer for you and your little ones too….

Dear Heavenly Father,

Another day has passed without a court decree. We are disappointed, discouraged, tired. But you are still on your throne. Lord, you see Mercy and Noella right now. You know the name of the judge and you know exactly where our paperwork sits in some distant court in Burundi. You know the reason for the delay. You also know the exact moment when we will meet our girls for the first time. Father, your will is beyond my comprehension. I do not and will not understand the complexities of why you do what you do, but I do know you love us. I know you love Mercy and Noella, and you desire to see children cared for in families. I know you have the power to unite us quickly, Lord, for you are sovereign and mighty. Father, I ask that you will orchestrate it so that we receive the court decree TODAY. Please Lord, bend your ear to hear my cries. May you be glorified through this process. I praise you, my God, my refuge, my strength, my Savior. I love you, and I trust you to do what’s best for our family. Please strengthen us, Father. Give us patience and remove bitterness from our hearts so we may know your peace. May our lips ever proclaim your goodness. Thank you for those who lift us up in prayer. Thank you for providing the financial means for us to adopt.

I pray for Mercy and Noella. Please keep them safe and healthy. Protect them from any physical, emotional, or spiritual harm. Lord, may their bellies and their hearts feel full. Please speak your truth over them. Prepare them for this transition into our family. Knit the 4 of us together even now by your power. Make them Allens. Make us parents. Please give them sweet visions of us and of you. Spirit, encourage them, remove their fear, and replace it with love and joy that comes only from you. Please strengthen their caregivers at the orphanage. Give them patience and energy. Multiply their time so they may love and care for each child well. I pray against any attachment disorders or developmental delays in the name of Jesus. I pray you are already softening Mercy and Noella’s heart to your Word and that they’re already hearing the Gospel. I pray they will both come to know Jesus as Savior at a young age. Lord, give us wisdom in leading them to you.

Father, please unite us as a family soon. I ask that it be your will for us to meet them in April. If it is not your will, I pray that our praise does not diminish, for you are worthy of all praise, no matter our circumstances. Soli Deo Gloria.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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