Oh Ye of Little Faith

Oh. My. Goodness. The last month has been INSANE! I’ll do my best to break it all down for you guys in a hopefully-not-too-long-so-you-will-read-all-of-it blog…

I’ll start with a grant update. After being matched with twin girls in July, we became eligible for lots of grants. But ya know, the thing about grants is ya have to apply for them. So over the next couple months, we applied for EIGHT grants. We spent many weekends writing essays, doing interviews, filling out page after page after page of financial information, writing our testimonies, answering theological questions, and so on. It was HARD WORK. But, since we had received a surprise sibling referral, that meant our adoption expenses increased by $15,000 and we were gonna need all the grants we could get.

We want to take a moment to give a shout out to our good friends Jeremy and Lori Resmer over at Fund Your Adoption. They adopted two little girls from Congo, and Fund Your Adoption is the BEST resource for completing your adoption debt-free. They provide a Bootcamp in which they provide tons of information on grants, fundraising ideas, and give step-by-step instructions to help you stay organized and figure out what works best for your family. If you’re adopting or considering adoption, checking them out will be the best decision you can make to fund your adoption without going into debt.

So anyways, back to that $15,000 increase I mentioned above. After applying all our funds that we’d raised through our multiple fundraisers (like selling Christmas ornaments, the Both Hands Project, donations, and more), we were still about $7000 short. So, we had to pull that from our savings. To be honest, we were a little nervous about totally depleting our savings account like that, but, we were hoping that grants would cover that $7000 and eventually reimburse us.

I began praying for those 8 grants we applied for to at least total $7000. Although, after a few weeks, I stopped praying for that. For some reason, I started believing the lie that our fate was in the hands of grant committees and not the God of the Universe’s. I stopped praying for at least $7000 and began to pray for “at least some grants” without attaching any specific dollar amount. It just seemed like too much to ask for, and I didn’t think we’d ever get that much.

Meanwhile, during the months of October and November, we were waiting on a piece of paper called an Article 5 in order for our case to be sent to the Central Authority in Burundi. It was supposed to only take 3-5 weeks. We were supposed to have it before Halloween. Instead, we waited and waited with no news from the US embassy. I kept praying every day “Lord, please let today be the day.” Finally, on November 30th, it was the day. We received our Article 5, but it was a month later than expected.

With the Article 5 being delayed, that meant our whole time line would get bumped back. A few months ago, you probably heard me say we were hoping to travel in March. But if you’ve spoken to me since November 30th, you’ve probably heard me say no earlier than April, or maybe even May. Our case has to be prepared for court, which usually takes 2.5-3 months, before we can get a court date, and then a travel decree. Again, my faith had wavered. I believed the embassy workers were in charge of when we’d meet our girls, and not the Sovereign Lord of Creation.

Well, let me tell you about how great my God is.

Here’s how the last month went…

November 28th, received a grant for $1500.
November 30th, finally received our Article 5!
December 2nd, received a grant for $3000
December 12th, received a grant for $1500
December 15th, received a grant for $3000
December 17th, received a grant for $5000

If you’re keeping track, that’s $14000 towards our adoption in only 3 weeks!! And yeah, if you haven’t done the math yet, that is DOUBLE the goal amount that I thought was “too much”. Wow. Just, wow. God, as usual, had far exceeded what I weakly dared to hope. With these funds, and the ones we’ve already paid in the past year towards the adoption, our adoption is now FULLY FUNDED!! That’s right, we’ve raised ALL of the $52,000 we need to bring the girls home!!

So this string of good news brings me to today…

During my prayer time this morning, I confessed my faithlessness. After praising God for His provision and blessing on this adoption, this is what I wrote in my prayer journal,

Lord, I confess my lack of faith. I didn’t think we were going to get the $7k from grants, so I stopped praying for it. And then, you smashed that goal by doubling it! I also originally prayed to have the girls by March and then backed it up to April because of the Article 5 delay. But God, you have made yourself known every step of this process. The Article 5 delay is NOTHING to you. You have known the timing all along. I’m sorry for doubting you and trusting in man. Lord, you are the ONLY one who determines when they come home. You are in control of every single piece of paper and every individual who touches our case. Father, please bring my girls home BY MARCH!

This afternoon, Blake and I put together a care package to send the girls with some goodies like pajamas, a blankie, crayons, and stickers. But most importantly a photo album with pictures of their family. Before we took the packages to the post office, we prayed over them. Prayers that the package would actually arrive, prayers that they would feel our love for them through this simple gift, that they would know they have a family, that they would grow in the knowledge that they are loved not only by us but by their Heavenly Father. By the end of the prayer, I was weepy and my heart was aching like never before to have them in my arms.

Care Package

Soon after Blake left for the post office, our agency called…She told me that she received a SHOCKING update from Pierre, the staff member in Burundi. He said that our case has been submitted to court in only THREE WEEKS instead of the usual three months!!! Y’all…I could not stop the tears from flowing. All I could think about was my prayer earlier this morning and I was overwhelmed with gratitude and awe.

So now, the court date (where the judge reviews our case) is set for JANUARY 4th!! Which means that we will be looking to travel by late February or early March…exactly when the Lord knew it would happen all along.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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