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by | Sep 8, 2015 | Adoption, Africa, Fundraising | 0 comments

We’ve been working hard through our home study process lately and I wanted to share with you a little update on everything! This week is also an exciting week for us as we prepare from a really great fundraiser!

First up, our home study. Our first meeting with our social worker, Caitlin, went excellent! Lindsay was so sweet and made Caitlin and the intern that came with her Skinny Lasagna. Caitlin was really impressed and was thankful telling us that this was only the 2nd time someone has offered dinner to her (as she does a lot of night meetings). Caitlin checked out the house and made sure we weren’t hiding torture devices and that we had a great place for our future kiddo to stay. She also asked us a lot about our personal histories like our childhoods and the families we grew up in. The meeting was about 3 hours long and we felt it went really well!

Lindsay and I have also been online adoption training maniacs over the past 3 days. We have had quite a bit of online training needed for our adoption, more than the norm actually. Hague regulations require 10 hours of online training. We already did an 8-hour seminar at the beginning of August with the International Adoption Clinic at Children’s Hospital which was absolutely phenomenal. We are blessed to live in the same city as one of the only IA clinics in the southeast. We also completed about 12 hours of online adoption training via Adoption Learning Partners. We only had one more section with the ALP online courses that was promoted at about 6 hours. We knew it would be a doozy. We slated last Friday night to doing it. We started hard, but about 3 hours into it we had to give in with intent to finish it later. Partly because we were absolutely beat and partly because Lindsay became extremely ill on Friday.

The sickness was sudden and things went downhill fast. She started breaking out with itchy and burning rashes all over her body, was running a high-grade fever, and her lymph nodes were swelling up like mad crazy. The reaction hit the poor girl so fast. And I’ve said it before, if a sickness can bring down Lindsay, it’s serious. She doesn’t go down easily. Nor does she go to the doctor willingly. But Friday night she said she knew she needed to go. So Saturday morning we both got up at 5:30a in order to be the first ones at the “doc in the box”. We had no idea what it was, but apparently the antibiotics (sulfa-something) that the doctor put her on the previous Monday to get rid of the 2 bacterial infections she acquired had a severe allergic reaction with her body. No more sulfa drugs for us.

So because of that, we skipped the lake plans this weekend and just rested and did a lot more online training. About another 4-6 hours worth. We still have about 4 more hours this upcoming week before we are completely finished.

Next Monday our social worker is coming back over to the house to do the 2nd of 3 interviews with us. We plan to have all the online training done by then!

But between then and now, we have an awesomely exciting event that you can be a part of to help us raise money for our adoption!

This Thursday, September 10th from 6p-8p, there will be an adoption fundraiser event at my mother-in-laws house (1505 Woodlands Place, Helena). At the event, there will be several vendors selling their products who have graciously agreed to donate a percentage of their sales to the adoption fund. This is a wonderful opportunity to get a start on your Christmas shopping while supporting a great cause! For those of you who would like to support the fundraiser but cannot attend, vendors have created links to their sites. Follow the links below for each vendor. From there you can shop online and the proceeds will still benefit Lindsay and me.

Pampered Chef
My Thirty One
Mary Kay
Uppercase Living
Premier Design Jewelry

Click here to go to the event page on Facebook.

We are also raffling tickets for several wonderful items such as Shipt free grocery delivery for a year, 4 hours of errands from Errands By the Hour, and a calligraphy package. Tickets for the raffle are $5 and there are no limits. You don’t even have to go to the event Thursday to be entered. Simply email me and let me know how many tickets you want ( Checks can be made out to Blake Allen and mailed to 1099 Riviera Drive, Calera, AL 35040.

Below are three other ways you can get involved at the moment! Thanks so much for all your support!

1. It Takes A Village Apparel

We know that it will take a whole bunch of community around us to help us raise our child, and we are really looking forward to the blessing that will be. The first step is getting our little one home! Before our community can rally around us to help us raise our child, we need you to help us bring our kiddo home! Get some cool apparel for you and all your friends and the proceeds help fund our adoption. These super-soft tees (it’s the good kind) are awesome and we’re pretty certain it will be one of your most comfy shirts! Thank you so much for taking part in this monumental moment in our lives! Available in unisex, ladies, long sleeve, and a hoodie styles!

2. Pure Charity Donations

As you’re probably aware, international adoptions are incredibly expensive. We’ve started a fundraiser for those in our community who feel led to give to this cause in a tax-deductible way, whatever amount that may be. We have a big donation goal, but we know our God is bigger. Since God first laid orphan care on our hearts in 2012 and given us a drive to pursue the command to “take up the cause of the fatherless” (Isaiah 1:17), He has been preparing us for adoption. We hope that you will consider taking up the cause with us. Every donation is important and will help bring our little one home! Would you kindly consider making a donation?

3. Photo Shoot Sessions

Need to get the clan together for a much needed updated family photo? What about that Christmas card you want to send out to all your friends and family? Whatever the case, Blake is ready to shoot you! Click on the link below to setup a photo shoot (must be in the Birmingham area). Just put Adoption Photo Shoot in the subject box and all profits from this shoot will go towards the adoption. Mini Sessions are being planned now, so check back for dates where you could reserve a 30 minute window for a little session.