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East African Reflections & Dreams

by | Sep 2, 2015 | Adoption, Africa, Best Family | 0 comments

Hey Everyone! I figured it was time to post an update on our travels, our adoption, and more since so much has happened in the last couple months!

In August, we traveled to Africa. We spent a week in Rwanda followed by a week in Kenya. Our time in Rwanda was to visit Best Family, the ministry we’ve partnered with for 3 years now. It was such a joy seeing all the kids in the sponsorship program! Blake and I especially enjoyed spending time with Belyse, the girl we sponsor. She is in the pink/white striped shirt next to me in the second photo.

It’s also good for us to have some face to face conversations with the leadership of Best Family and discuss our goals and plans. We spent several days discussing projects, making plans and timelines, and setting goals. Being across the world, in different time zones, and with our own schedules can make consistent, clear communication difficult. That’s part of what makes cross-cultural ministry hard! But it’s also what makes our time together in person so much more meaningful and important.

After a VERY full week in Rwanda, we went to Kenya. Much to our surprise, our flight made an unexpected stop in Burundi! We didn’t even get off the plane, but it’s pretty cool to say that we’ve actually been to the country we’re adopting from! While we sat on the tarmac for an hour, I thought a lot about our future son. Given that we will be adopting a 2-4 year old, he’s probably already been born and is out there somewhere. I thought about where he might be…Still with his parents? Already in an orphanage? How many miles from this very plane where we’re sitting? I thought about what our next trip to that airport would be like and tried to imagine the emotions I’d be feeling then. And I thought about WHEN that trip would be, wishing I could at least know a more definite timeline to meet our little boy. But such is the nature of adoption. There are a whole lotta questions and the answers are few and far between.

After our pit stop in Burundi, we went on to Nairobi (another place we will travel to finalize our adoption once we have gotten custody of baby boy), and then to Mombasa. From the Mombasa airport, it was a 2 hour drive to our hotel on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Our week in Kenya was a much-needed respite from our crazy lives. It was wonderful to spend time together, just the two of us, and enjoy God’s handiwork. Whether the beauty of the ocean, the playfulness of monkeys, or the power of predators in the wild, we were constantly in awe of God’s creation. It was an awesome week!

Kenya 3

Kenya 4

Kenya 8

Kenya 9

Kenya 10

Kenya 7

Kenya 5

Kenya 1

Kenya 2

In adoption news, WE HAVE OUR HOME INSPECTION TONIGHT! Our social worker from the home study agency (Agape of Central Alabama) is coming over tonight to make sure our home is suitable for children and that we’re not completely crazy. I have no idea what to expect from tonight. Of course I’ve googled what exactly a home visit is like, but the only consistent things I can really discover is that it’s a “time for your social worker to get to know you” and that I MUST have a fire extinguisher. So that leaves me without a whole lot of details.

Regardless, even though I have no idea what tonight will be like or what kinds of questions she’ll ask, I’m super excited to meet our social worker and am thrilled to be making such a big step forward in our adoption process! I have this secret fantasy that I’ll become BFFs with our social worker and then she’ll be an ongoing part of our son’s life and babysit for him, and then years down the road we’ll talk about “how far he’s come”. Oh I hope she likes us! We’ll try our very best to not seem crazy. Wish us luck.