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Beautiful Things from Dust

by | Jul 29, 2014 | Africa, Best Family, Mission Trips | 2 comments

Greetings from Rwanda! I am EXHAUSTED after a long day of ministry, and I love it. I love the feeling of being poured out. First being poured out for the sake of the children we are serving, and second being poured out for the sake of my team as a team leader. The responsibility is so much different. Feeling responsible for the logistical side of the trip, as well as the spiritual side. Making sure that the team feels loved, encouraged, and unified.

Today we spent the day in Gasharu again. We had an AWESOME day! It was awesome for many reasons, but one in particular is just soaking in how awesome this team is. We started off with singing and dancing (because this is BFR after all). Then we did a lesson/craft making “salvation bracelets” with all the kids. It’s so awesome to see our team sharing the Gospel with so many little ones in such a relatable way. I loved seeing the team work together so well and support one another. We also “shared talents” with everyone and it’s so cool seeing individuals step forward, ignoring their own feelings of insecurity or shyness. I love seeing everyone willing to serve, willing to be  part, willing to get dirty, and willing to break down barriers.

I wish the internet was fast enough to post pictures of each and every team member being awesome, but here are just a few…

I know this is sideways…for some reason it won’t rotate, and the internet here is too slow!

In the afternoon, we did home visits, which are always eye opening. For those who have never visited, it’s always shocking to see what their homes look like as you gain a better understanding of how they live each day. But for everyone, it’s always sobering to hear about their stories. Stories of great loss and tragedy from the Genocide. Stories of emotional and physical pain. Stories of struggle and hardship. It’s very touching as these women open up to us and allow us to pray over them.

Tomorrow we spend the morning at Gasharu again. This will be our last day at their village, and it will mostly be a ceremony of closing, where we present gifts and sing and dance (of course). Then we will pick up our final team member Kim from the airport! In the afternoon, we will visit a village called Nyarungunga where we will eventually be inducting 20 more kids into the Kunda sponsorship program. This village is made up mostly of handicapped residents, many of whom are former soldiers who were injured in the Genocide of 1994. This is a unique community because it is primarily men, a very different dynamic than what we’ve seen before. Then, to finish off our day, we will be going downtown to get measured for our dresses for Jean Claude’s wedding! I’m so excited about that!

Please pray that the team is strengthened and energized, especially Kim who will be finishing 2 days of traveling. Since we’ve never been to this new village of Nyarungunga, we don’t know exactly what to expect. Please pray that things go smoothly that the team will be well prepared for whatever we experience. Pray that we continue to grow together as a team and reveal God’s love in every single thing we do!