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Mangoes and Goats

by | May 24, 2014 | Haiti, Mission Trips, World Orphans | 0 comments

Today we had our relaxation day! Our wonderful coordinator, Ron, took us to his house in the countryside. It is about a 2 hour drive, and it gave an incredible view of Haiti! So far we’ve only really seen the big, crowded city of Port au Prince, but Haiti has beautiful beaches and mountains as well.

As we drove up the mountain, we could see the green lushness of this tropical island. I was also surprised to see how much desert-like area there is! There are cacti and dry, rocky landscapes in addition to the rainforest-like areas. That was unexpected! We also saw some (wild?) horses and lots of goats and cattle. We even saw a truck with about 10 live goats tied up and hanging upside down on the sides of the truck. They did not seem happy.


Ron’s house is very beautiful with lots of mango trees, plantain trees, and more. We loved playing with his 2 month old puppy! Waldring and Johsnon were with us, and Waldring brought his guitar. It didn’t take long for us to all be sitting around him as he played worship songs and we were just praising. I love when worship is just spontaneous and organic. It was beautiful. We sat there singing for maybe 30 minutes or so. Ron also showed us around his property. We were admiring the mango trees, and then one fell from the tree and nearly hit one of our team members right on the head! Those things are dangerous! We all enjoyed some fresh mango straight from the tree, and we ate it the “Haitian Way” which means to just tear into it with your teeth and not cut it up, letting the juice get all over your hands and face. Y’all…it was the most amazing mango EVER! It’s entirely different from what we have in the States, like a whole different species of mango that puts our mangoes to shame.


Then Ron took us to a river by his house. It’s actually a big river that flows really swiftly, even creating some rapids. We waded in it, but didn’t get all the way in because it looked like it would sweep us away! It was a really beautiful and fun experience. We also went to a dam, which provides most of the power for the entire country. It gave us a great view! We went back to Ron’s house and his wife had cooked us a DELICIOUS meal of goat meat and rice. You might not believe me that the goat was delicious, but it really was!


We also walked down the street to a school where another mission team from Arkansas has been ministering this past week. They had invited the community for a little service with worship and a message. So we went there and joined in the service. Our awesome translators (and all-around incredible people) Waldring and Johnson played guitar and sang for our worship time. Johnson is actually also a preacher, so he did a little preaching too. Although I can’t tell you what he said (because it was in Creole), I can definitely tell you that the Spirit was there. It was an awesome time of worship and praise.

Tomorrow will be both happy and sad. My future co-workers, Jeremy and Kathy, will be flying in and joining us tomorrow morning. I am so excited to meet them, get to know them better, and learn more about my position as Project Manager! The sad part is that the rest of my team is flying home tomorrow. I feel like we were just starting to get to know one another! Please pray that everyone has safe travels tomorrow. And as my team members return home, please pray that the Lord will use them and speak through them to share about how this trip has impacted their lives for good.