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Headed to Haiti

by | May 14, 2014 | Haiti, Mission Trips, World Orphans | 0 comments

Y’all, I can hardly believe that I’ll be in Haiti in just a few days! It has been a whirlwind of a month, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had such an overwhelmingly long to-do list in my life. I still have so much to do to get ready! My awesome hubby has been helping me out however he can whenever he can. He’s the best. And I think the hardest part about my trip is that this will be the longest we have been apart since getting married nearly 4 years ago! This is my first mission trip without him, and that seems so weird. Gosh I’m missing him already and I haven’t even left yet!

Packing the mission trip essentials...bug spray, sunscreen, aloe lotion (for when sunscreen fails), and Teddy Grahams

Packing the mission trip essentials…bug spray, sunscreen, aloe lotion (for when sunscreen fails), and Teddy Grahams

Anyways, I wanted to type up this blog post to let all of my friends, family, and ministry supporters know what we will be doing while in Haiti and to ask for your prayers. Listed below are some prayer requests, and I would be so humbled if you bring these requests before God with me!

  • Between now and Saturday, please pray that I will accomplish everything I need to do without being too stressed or sleep-deprived. Pray that God multiplies my time as I try to fit it all in.
  • Please pray for safety and smooth travel situations (no delays, no lost luggage, etc).
  • Pray for team unity, that God would be knitting our hearts together as one body for His service.
  • Please pray for my role as team co-leader, that God would give me wisdom to disciple my team members in a way that draws them closer to Him. Also that I show God’s grace when necessary as things never go as planned and emotions can run high when on a mission trip.
  • Most of all, pray that our team would be a light for the Gospel everywhere we go and to everyone we meet. Not only the orphaned children, but to our bus drivers, translators, kitchen staff, and even the totally clueless airline worker at the airport check-in counter who always seems to charge me more than I should be charged. (see what I mean about grace? Maybe pray double for that.) Let us glorify God in all that we do and draw others nearer to Him.

Hopefully I will be able to post a blog each night when we are in-country, depending on the internet. I hope I can share with you about how God reveals Himself to us each day of our trip! Below is our itinerary so you can pray along with us through each day’s activities and as we travel.

Saturday 5/17 – Leave for the airport at the CRACK OF DAWN (like 4 am to be specific). My flight leaves Birmingham at 6 am, I layover in Miami, and then should arrive in Port au Prince at 2:30 pm (Eastern Time). Our team will arrive at the guest house, settle in, and spend the rest of the evening doing team training.

Sunday 5/18 – Church with our local church partner. Driving tour of city. Lunch at Mountaintop Restaurant. Shopping. Return to Guesthouse for team training.

Monday 5/19 – VBS in the morning, home visits in the afternoon.

Tuesday 5/20 – Medical clinic all day

Wednesday 5/21 – VBS in the morning, home visits in the afternoon.

Thursday 5/22 – Medical clinic all day

Friday 5/23 – “flex day” – possibly visit a third church or visit a waterfall/beach

Saturday 5/24 – departure day for the rest of the team. I say goodbye as everyone goes home! Then I meet up with Jeremy (Director of Projects) and Kathy (Director of Wholistic Care) and we do some hands-on training for my new role as project manager.

Sunday 5/25 – Project Manager training with Jeremy, Kathy, and Ron (Haiti in-country director)

Monday 5/26 – Get to the airport around 6 for my 9 am flight. I layover for a bit in Fort Lauderdale and Charlotte before getting home to Birmingham around 6:30 pm.