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We’re Here

by | Jul 4, 2013 | Africa, Best Family, Mission Trips | 1 comment

Happy Liberation Day! I mean, Happy Independence Day! Today on the 4th of July, we landed in Rwanda. Not only do Americans celebrate our independence on this day, but Rwanda does also!

After about 26 hours of travel (give or take a little because I am so completely confused on the date and time), we have finally made it to Rwanda!

The morning in DC was a time of reuniting with old friends from last year’s trip and quickly making new ones. After that, we boarded the plane for the trans-Atlantic flight. Long flights over the ocean are always boring and exhausting. This one in particular was a strain because it was CRAZY HOT on the plane. I’ve never been on a plane that wasn’t freezing cold, but this one had me sweating and feeling like I spent 14 hours breathing in someone else’s hot breath. However, it was awesome that all of our team was sitting together within 3 rows of each other. Well, everyone except Frank who flew first class. I’m sure that between eating his 4 course meals and sleeping in the giant bed-like seating that he wished he was back there with us.

After a layover in Ethiopia, we arrived in Kigali around noon. We were a bit nervous because the luggage carousel went around and around, with NONE of our luggage on it. Thankfully, after waiting a while, ALL of our luggage came out. And for a team of 16 people, each with multiple bags, that’s a miracle in itself, y’all!

We got to our hotel and knew immediately that we would not be “roughing it” for this portion of our journey. It’s really nice, and the shower is better than any we experienced last year! Yay for hot water! I also got excited when I plugged in my blow dryer and it worked! Then I was not so excited when I felt pure electricity running through my hand from the blow dryer. (It still tingles a bit, but don’t tell my parents).

Our team is super exhausted at this point after all the traveling and little sleep. At dinner it was almost silent because we were all fighting to stay awake. After dinner, our friends Jean Claude, Emmanuel, and Salomon from the Best Family came to visit our team! We just visited together, laughed, and talked about the great ways God is moving in our lives and in the life of Best Family.

To cap it all off, Blake even got to drive around Jean Claude’s moped. He really enjoyed it, and it was hilarious to watch. Tomorrow we will visit the genocide memorial and then spend the rest of the day with the BFR kids! Now for some much needed sleep.