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Day 1.5

by | Jun 29, 2012 | Africa, Mission Trips | 1 comment

Ok I’m in the Washington DC airport and I only have about 15 minutes before we board. So this is gonna be quick!

Here’s the rundown:
Yesterday we had some trouble at the Birmingham airport. Since our flight from Bham to DC is a domestic leg of an international flight, the international carrier is the one who determines the cost of the luggage. Ethiopian airlines allows 2 checked bags each for free and $60 for any bag weighing over 50 pounds. We had 2 overweight bags, so we went in expecting to pay $120. Well….US Airways was our carrier to DC. And they apparently don’t know their own rules. They charged us $85 for our checked bags and $270 for our overweight bags. We stood at the counter for an hour and 20 minutes trying to get it worked out. They got on the phone and asked whomever was in charge and everyone said no, we had to pay. After standing there for so long, it was time to board our flight so we just decided that we had to pay the fees and try to get reimbursed later.

As we’re walking into the security line, they call on the intercom that our flight is boarding. So then we’re still standing in line, taking our shoes off and everything when they call our actual names and say we need to get to our gate. We look at the lady behind the lil Xray machine and say, “That’s us! We’ve got to go!” She looked at us and said “ok? Well I can’t do anything about it.” So then as soon as we get through security, we hurriedly pick up our stuff, including our shoes, and start running through the airport. Yup…we were those people. As we’re running they call our names AGAIN and say it’s a final call. We made it JUST in time to our gate, stressed but still excited about what was ahead.

That was definitely another trying situation (similar to the whole yellow fever issues I had at the doctor…) where we had to keep calm and make sure we represented Christ well. It occurred to me that we should really have that mindset every day. We represent Christ every single day, not just on mission trips. My actions ALWAYS reflect our Savior, and I need to keep that in mind even when it’s just a frustrating experience at the DMV or wherever and not just when I’m a “missionary.”

So last night, we spent the night in DC and met about 6 of our 28 team members. We all ate pizza together and those that had been to Africa before shared stories. These are some really cool people.

This morning we came back to the DC airport before departing for Ethiopia. One little hiccup along the way…I got my boarding pass and it said I was on standby. I’m thinking “OH NO! EVERYONE IS GOING TO AFRICA WITHOUT ME!” But it turned out to not be that big of a deal. I just had to stand in line forever to get a seat on the plane. Blake and I have not gotten to sit next to one another on a flight yet. We would really like to be able to for this one since it’s 13 hours long. So maybe someone can switch with us.

So we are just now meeting our WHOLE team. It’s a lot of names and faces to remember. Luckily someone smart brought nametags so we could learn each others’ names easier. We are so excited about spending time with these amazing people with a heart for God and a heart for orphans.

After this 13 hour flight to Ethiopia, we have about a 2 hour layover and then we fly to Rwanda. So we’ll be done traveling about 18 hours from now! I’ll try to keep you posted as much as possible! Continue to pray for us, that we will be forever changed for the better, that we will advance Christs’s kingdom and glorify God!!!