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Who Has 4 Thumbs and $7400? Blake and Me!

by | May 7, 2012 | Africa, Mission Trips | 0 comments

We have some big news for you! WE ARE FULLY FUNDED! That’s right, we have met our goal of $7400! This is truly a miracle. Especially since we just started fundraising a little over a month ago. We just want to say that we are so overwhelmed by the support and love from our friends and family! Thank you to everyone who gave so willingly. You people are the best. We pray that God will bless you through your gift!

Now if you’re thinking, “Aww man! I really wanted to support Blake and Lindsay, but I guess now they don’t need it.” (insert womp womp sound here). Have no fear! You can still give! Additional money raised will still go directly to our trip. It will be used to purchase baby formula, toys, craft/game supplies, etc. These are items that the team members would be responsible for buying if there were no “overflow” money. So please continue to donate if you feel led to do so!

In other news, we had our first team “meeting” yesterday. Ok so it was a conference call, but whatevs. The purpose of this call was to introduce ourselves and get some very, very basic info about the trip. Our team is made up of 30 people from around the country. This is apparently a very large team. Needless to say, it will take a while to get to know everyone, but we are stoked about getting to meet such amazing people! It’s especially difficult to match names to faces, since ya know, you’re on a phone call. But we have finally discovered the real purpose of FACEBOOK.

Since our team is so large, we will eventually be broken down into smaller teams which focus on different ministry areas (e.g. sports, crafts, music, etc.) for when we are at the orphanages doing VBS-style activities. Other than working at the orphanages, we will be doing outreach to street kids, people who live in the Korah city dump in Ethiopia, and lots of home visits.

While in Rwanda, we will also be visiting the Genocide Memorial, which quite honestly will make me just dissolve into a puddle. I’ve been learning so much about the unspeakable atrocities that went on there. I can’t imagine speaking to survivors and even perpetrators of these horrible killings. The genocide was so widespread, that almost everyone has a story to tell about how they survived or who they lost.

Please continue to pray for us as our departure date gets closer! Pray that we will bond together as a group and that God will use us in amazing ways. Pray that we will be ready and willing to do whatever He asks, even if it means getting out of our comfort zones! To be honest, Africa is pretty far out of my comfort zone already, but you know what I mean. Thank you again for all of your financial and spiritual support!